My Student In Need Begins Its 5th Year of Service

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Great Falls, MT: My Student in Need, a division of My Neighbor in Need, begins its 5th-year of service, on Wednesday, August 30. “Today is the first day of school and it is no coincidence that today begins our 5th year of service,” said Dave Snuggs, Founder of My Neighbor in Need. “Once again, thanks to the community’s kindness, we are ready to answer the call for help.”

At the start of the 2017/2018 school year, My Student in Need is now available in 161 schools in 29 cities. “It is hard to imagine that what started out as an idea written on a dinner napkin in 2013 is now available to help thousands of students in need throughout Montana,” Snuggs said.

At the end of the 2015/2016 school year, My Student in Need had completed a total of 2,138 need fulfillments.

The website and system is the creation of Great Falls resident, Dave Snuggs, and through a partnership with numerous school districts throughout Montana, allows for selected School Teacher/Administrators to submit a request for help with a specific need, such as school supplies, clothing, lunch money, etc. for their Students in Need. Need requests are posted live on the website where anyone in the world can review them and offer help to fulfill the request in an anonymous setting. The only information provided to the staff at My Student in Need by the School Administrator is the age, gender, grade, school and the details of the need request.

Once the need request has been received by the staff at My Student in Need, the request is posted live on the website where anyone in the world can offer to help fulfill that need. The donor and the Student in Need – never meet.

The original My Student in Need and My Neighbor in Need systems were developed by Tom Penwell of Tom’s Web Designs in 2012. 406 Marketing and Design, designed and manages both and websites and current systems. is available for free to any school wishing to help their Students.

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