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This is a list of the current needs of our neighbors. If you are interested in helping, please click on the "Fulfill this need!" button to get started. If there are no active needs please consider donating to help fulfill the next need request that comes in!

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My Neighbor in Need - Elderly, disabled Veteran is in immediate need of help with making his very old trailer home safe so he can continue to live there. If it cannot be repaired to minimum standards he will be forced out of his home. His story was featured on KRTV and many individuals and businesses answered the call for assistance however, he is still in need of some crucial items. One of which is a need for flooring in his bedroom and hallway. Right now he is only has exposed sub-flooring, but our friends at Floors and More - Carpet One is able to provide and install new finished flooring for a deeply discounted price of $950, BUT WAIT,,, they are also donating $350 off the price so we are in need of a total of $600. You are not required to provided all of the needed amount, rather just tell us how much you wish to donated. Thank you very much. If you can help, please click on the FULFILL THIS NEED button or call our office at 406-750-2542.
My Neighbor in Need- Young couple with four children are in need of a gently used/clean Queen Bed System (mattress and box spring). Currently, the parents are sleeping on air mattress on the floor however, it has small holes in it. If you are able to help with this need, and have a Queen Bed System (mattress and box spring) that you would like to donate, PLEASE CLICK THE FULFILL THIS NEED BUTTON and let us know how you would like to help. Thank you for your continued support!!
My Neighbor in Need- Older gentleman, seeking work, is in need of a bus pass to get to and from job interviews. A monthly bus pass costs $30. If you can help, you can purchase the pass from Great Falls Transit or make a donation to My Neighbor in Need and we will buy the pass on your behalf. If you are able to assist, please call our office at (406) 750-2542, or click on the fulfill this need button and let us know how you are able to help. Thank you!