How To Fulfill A Need

It is very easy to fulfill a need request. You can become an instant Good Deed Doer with just a click.

Here’s how…

1. Review the Current Needs List on the website. Please remember, needs that appear in red are emergency/immediate needs.

2. Once you have reviewed the list and selected a need that you would like to fulfill, click on the Fulfill This Need button.

3. A fulfillment form will appear.

4. Please fill in the form and click on the Statement Box. By clicking on the Statement Box you are pledging to fulfill this need.

5. Once you have submitted your pledge to fulfill the need, your fulfillment form is immediately emailed to one of our Good Deed Doers to confirm that the form is correct and complete. The review process takes only a few minutes.

6. We then contact the neighbor in need who requested help and we inform them that their request has been answered and accepted. Lots of cheering and happiness!

Finally, we assist in the delivery of the fulfillment.

Please note: If you, as the person who is fulfilling a need, wish to be anonymous we can and will honor your request. In fact, some needs can be fulfilled without ever coming into physical contact with the neighbor in need or one of our Good Deed Doers.

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