Things To Consider Before Completing the Need Request Form

Here at My Neighbor In Need we understand how stressful it is when you are in need. We also understand that when you are facing a situation that seems daunting, a “want” may seem to be a “need”. However, needs are different than wants. During our verification process our Good Deed Doers and other volunteers will ask you many questions about your situation. This is important because as stewards of the community‚Äôs willingness to help, we have to verify that your request is a “need” and not a “want” before considering posting your request on the website. Some of these questions will be about your financial situation, employment status, your ability to do it yourself, your history of receiving help from other organizations, etc.

Please know that no one is here to judge you or your situation, but we must verify the merit of your need. In some cases we will make suggestions on who you should contact first. If you tell us that you have been to other organizations and they turned down your new request, we will ask you why and then we will contact them to confirm your answer. Again, it is not that we do not believe you, but we must verify all of the facts before considering posting your need request. Our motto is simple: “If we cannot prove it, we do not post it.”

Approved Need Request Categories

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • House-Hold Items
  • Transportation (bus pass)
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Crucial Car Repairs
  • Tires
  • Some Medical Equipment
  • Some Roofing Repairs
  • Appliance Repairs

We will also consider other need requests on a case by case basis.

However we are unable to post a need request for the following categories: Computers, Toys, Painting, General Construction, General Repairs to Non-Crucial Items, Cable Bills, Cell Phone Bills, Large Electric/ Gas Bills, Collections, Rent or Mortgage Payments, Previous Medical Issues, or any Prescription.

Crucial Car Repairs: PLEASE NOTE, you will have to provide us with proof of car insurance before we can begin the application process. If you do not have car insurance please do not complete the request form. Thank you.

I hereby state and affirm that I have read all of the material on this page and I confirm that the need request that I am about to submit falls into a Approved Need Request Category.

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