Please Help Us Keep The Doors Open And The Good Going

The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is. The only thing that matters is the impact you have on other people’s lives. It’s knowing that you have not walked the planet in vain. It’s knowing that you blessed lives…

We need your help so we can continue to provide help to our neighbors in need.

Please give generously.

What Is My Neighbor In Need?

My Neighbor in Need is a 24-hour “Wish List” where a Neighbor in Need can ask for help with a specific need. Their need is verified and if approved, is posted live on the website – where anyone in the world can offer to fulfill that need. The Neighbor in Need and the Donor never ever meet. It’s anonymous giving at its very best!

What is My Student in Need?

My Student in Need provides an anonymous resource for teachers to ask for and receive help for their students from caring and generous individuals in our communities. Currently, My Student In Need is in over 150 schools throughout Montana and has completed over 4,000 need fulfillments. The majority of the need requests are for warm, winter apparel such as jackets, boots, gloves, hats, etc. The average amount needed to fulfill a student’s need request is $125.

Did You Know…

  • My Neighbor in Need has completed over 17,500 need fulfillments
  • 88% of all need requests that are approved and featured on the website receive donor support
  • Requests for beds are the most requested need. Since launching the project in 2012, My Neighbor In Need has provided over 1,200 new or used/clean beds
  • Seniors, the elderly, veterans, hard-working families, single parents, and many others in our community rely on the service provided by My Neighbor In Need
  • Both My Neighbor In Need and My Student In Need are operated with just two paid staff
  • We do not receive any funds from the government or United Way dollars

Your Donations Have A Real Impact!

  • A donation of $30 dollars helps us to provide a month of bus rides so a neighbor in need can get to crucial medical appointments or look for viable employment
  • A donation of $50 helps us purchase emergency “gas only” fuel cards
  • On average, a donation of $125 provides the capacity to fulfill a need request in its entirety
  • A monthly gift of $100 helps My Neighbor In Need and My Student In Need to “Keep the Good Going” throughout the calendar year
  • A generous monthly gift of $300 provides up to 10 bus passes, 6 “gas only” fuel cards, or the complete fulfillment of several needs per month

You Can Also Help Feed our Furry Family Members With Our Free Pet Food Pantry!

  • We have provided free pet food to over 8,000 pets since we launch the Free Pet Food Pantry, you can learn more about it here.
  • On average we give away 400lbs of pet food each month
  • A $50 donation will help provide enough dog food for two medium size dogs or four cats for a month
  • A $100 donation will help us provide enough puppy or kitten food until they are eating regular per food
  • A $1,000 donation will fill all of the shelves which will provide pet food for five months
  • A monthly gift of $200 will provide enough pet food for an entire year

Donate Online Using The Form Below

You May Also Mail Your Donations To:

My Neighbor In Need/My Student In Need
511 Central Avenue STE 104
Great Falls, MT 59401
Phone: 406-750-2542

Donation Of Physical Goods

If you have items that you would like to donate to My Neighbor in Need, please call our office at 406-750-2542 or you can take them directly to Saint Vincent De Paul located at 426 Central West in Great Falls. Or you can call them to arrange a pick-up at 406-761-0870. Please note… There can be up to a 14-day waiting period before Saint Vincent De Paul can arrange a pick-up. When you drop off a donation of Physical Goods, please tell the person receiving your donation that the item(s) are for My Neighbor in Need There is a dedicated room for all donations made to My Neighbor in Need.

We've Moved! We're Now Located At 511 Central Avenue STE 104, Great Falls, MT 59401