How to get your own My Neighbor In Need Website!

Here’s how easy it is to get and operate your very own My Neighbor in Need Website...

  1. First, you need to have one person who can oversee the project and coordinate the volunteers who act as the Good Deed Doers. This person could be part of a current group of caring people, a church, an organization and/or a current non-profit company based in the same area that your website will serve. For example, My Neighbor in Need, Southern Wisconsin is being operated by St. Vincent de Paul. In addition, St. Vincent de Paul is the presenting partner and their staff will be managing the Good Deed Doers.
  2. What if you want to coordinate this project yourself? Is that possible? The answer is YES! One person can coordinate the project if he/she creates an inner circle of three to five volunteers who can dedicate 20 to 25 hours a week.
  3. A group of volunteers who can be trained to be Good Deed Doers who verify that the need requests are true BEFORE posting them on to the website. This can be two to four volunteers who work about two hours per shift, two days a week.
  4. Create a partnership with your local media, especially your local newspaper. Your newspaper will need to agree to promote the project through a weekly story, similar to what the Great Falls Tribune does each and every Tuesday in the Life section.
  5. Although we, (My Neighbor in Need, LLC,) will provide you with a licensing agreement that includes the complimentary use of the system, code, name, logo, artwork, etc. it is important that you recruit a few financial sponsors/supporters that will offset your operational costs. These costs are low and in most cases you will find local businesses that will provide you with goods and services in consideration for being your sponsor. Examples of operational costs include: creation of a Limited Liability Corporation (if necessary), printing services, web hosting, insurance, cell phone usage, fuel, thank you gifts for donors, etc. Based on current business models and the size of the area you wish to serve, your monthly estimated operational costs are less than $500 per month. If you recruit five sponsors at $1,000 each all of your estimated yearly operational costs are fulfilled.
  6. It is important to note that if you are awarded your own system, it is for one purpose: to help your Neighbors in Need. There is no financial gain for any individual or organization. No one associated with the organization is allowed to receive any compensation for their work. All monies received and/or any donations made to the organization are to only be used for the fulfillment of a need request.

If you believe that you have the capacity to make these things come together, I would be happy to discuss with you the next step in getting your own project so you can begin to help your Neighbors in Need.

Best to you,

Dave Snuggs

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