Give What You Can Community Thrift Store

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Inspired by Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen

In June of 2013, My Neighbor in Need reinvented the world of retail by launching the most unique Thrift Store concept ever, “Give What You Can.”

The “Give What You Can” Community Thrift Store originally opened inside the basement of the Roger’s Jeweler’s building. In just six-months, the outpouring of support was so large we needed a bigger location, and we found the perfect place! Beginning on December 6, 2013 My Neighbor in Need, My Student in Need, The Pet- Food Pantry and the “Give What You Can” Community Thrift Store relocated inside the new Times Square building located at 525 Central Ave – Downtown Great Falls, Montana!

The “Give What You Can” Community Thrift Store features quality, used appliances, furniture and housewares. Every item has a “Give What You Can” minimum price however since the minimum price is extremely low, the buyer, if he/she has the capacity to pay more, may opt to “Give What They Can.” All of the net proceeds that My Neighbor in Need receives from the Thrift Store go to help support My Neighbor In Need & My Student In Need.

Please respect our donors! The items in the Thrift Store were donated to My Neighbor in Need for the purpose of helping our Neighbors in Need. So, in good faith our donors would prefer that these items not be purchased by furniture dealers and/or resellers for the purpose of person gain/profit. Thank you for honoring those who give by respecting the intent of the Give What You Can Community Thrift Store.